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Baltimore Mobile Shredding

At times, you might find yourself with more paper to shred than you know what to do with. Just a regular-sized file box filled with paper can weigh 30 pounds, which means you could very easily find yourself with over 100 pounds of documents to shred.

Fortunately, Baltimore Shredding Services is well aware of the hassle it is to lug your documents to a shredding facility, which is why we help our clients find suitable on-site or mobile shredding services.

Baltimore mobile shredding truck

Mobile shredding is extremely convenient for those who want to witness their documents being shredded. When it comes to your security or the security of your business, you can never be too careful. Witnessing the destruction of your documents is a great way to satiate your peace of mind.

Shredding trucks are self-contained and capable of destroying up to 6,000 pounds of documents an hour. The trucks can shred documents with staples, paperclips, spiral notebooks, folders, and much more. Check with us if you have any questions about what these trucks can shred by calling (410) 650-4035.

If you need ongoing shredding, our partners will conveniently bring locked bins to your location for you to place your documents in. When it comes time for your regular shredding service, the contents of whatever is in the bins are shredded for you so that you don’t have to worry about making space for all those documents in the meantime.

How the Mobile Shredding Process Works

  1. Collect the materials you need to have shredded
  2. Your shredder will drive a shred truck equipped with an industrial-strength shredder to your location where you can watch the entire shredding process
  3. When the shredding is complete, the shredding operator will provide you with a certificate of destruction
  4. Your shredded materials will be transported to a secure recycling facility and promptly recycled

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On site shredding trucks provide service to homes and businesses in Baltimore and the surrounding Maryland area. At Baltimore Shredding Services, we understand to importance of your security and the security of your business. Let Baltimore Shredding Services help protect you today.

Fill out the form or call us at (410) 650-4035 to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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